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Zucchini and Bean Burritos

Almost every single morning I wake up with Mark at 5 am to make his lunch…and some breakfast for us too. But then I stopped and realized…the baby isn’t even awake at this hour, so why the hell am I awake?!

Now, I try to pre-make (and freeze), as many breakfast/lunch items as I can. All at a more reasonable hour, of course. It’s not like I have the luxury of going back to bed when he leaves. Psh, someone has gotta take care of the kid!

We had some down time this afternoon, so I decided to whip up some burritos. That way he could reheat them later in the week for either breakfast of lunch. So, ya, bunch.

I got this recipe from Cooking Light.

Zucchini and Bean Burritos

Mark asked if he could have one of these for dinner tonight. I said heck no because there was no way was he tapping into my “sleeping in” meals. I gave him leftovers instead. Like a dog. Sorry dude. Except not really cause I just made him weekly burritos.


One thought on “Zucchini and Bean Burritos

  1. Oooo I’m so excited to keep updated on your blog, you made me laugh several times in this post 🙂 And such a good idea to freeze the lunches!!


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