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Baked Eggs for Morning, Noon or Night

Since I’m only cooking for myself nowadays (damn Navy), I’m always looking for quick healthy recipes to make. 1. They have to require a minimal amount of ingredients so I’m  not endlessly searching around the store with a screaming baby. 2. They need to take less than 30 minutes to make. Because most days I don’t even have… Continue reading Baked Eggs for Morning, Noon or Night

Baby Food · Real Life

Turkey and Beef Baby Meatballs

Well, the title of this post sounds absolutely repulsive. However, these meatballs, both flavors, are freaking amazing. Seriously. I like these meatballs better than any other meatball I have every made, or tasted for that matter. The basis of both these recipes was the same. You can use whatever ground meat you want – turkey, beef, chicken etc. Then… Continue reading Turkey and Beef Baby Meatballs

Baby Food · Real Life

Baby Food Round 2 : Tofu and Chicken Nuggets

I’m pretty sure if my husband knew I was making tofu for my child right now – he would divorce me. Since tofu can’t be killed with a bow and arrow, it’s a shunned upon food in this household. I tried to make a tofu based dinner once… it ended tragically. Mark only consumes things that roam the… Continue reading Baby Food Round 2 : Tofu and Chicken Nuggets