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Baby Food Round 2 : Tofu and Chicken Nuggets

I’m pretty sure if my husband knew I was making tofu for my child right now – he would divorce me. Since tofu can’t be killed with a bow and arrow, it’s a shunned upon food in this household. I tried to make a tofu based dinner once… it ended tragically. Mark only consumes things that roam the earth. And if I was a vegetarian – he probably would have never introduced me to his parents.

Baked Tofu Nuggets

I made these “tofu nuggets”, along with some homemade chicken nuggets, and the baby definitely gravitated towards the tofu. Which is a nice way of saying he didn’t like the chicken and was obsessed with the tofu. Sorry Mark! Maybe this isn’t your child after all. (But don’t worry it really is).

Preppin the Baby Chicken Nuggets

For the chicken nuggets I just put some chicken breasts in my food processor, blended it, and then mixed it with wheat germ, and egg yolk. I rolled the mixture into little patties and baked them and that’s it! You can serve them with a dip but my kid can barely shovel food into his mouth. So I feel like a dip would just be considered paint at this point. #no.

Baby Chicken Nuggets

The tofu was tedious, I’m not gonna lie. I cut it into cubes and then did the breading process. Which means I dipped it into my flour mixture first, egg mixture second, and crumbled crackers third. It was just messy, and the cracker chunks were big, and the tofu was flimsy – it was a mess. I baked the messy mixture and I thought they were gonna be a totally dud but he LOVED them. I don’t even know why!

Prepping the Tofu Nuggets

I honestly have no idea why that rolling pin was there. Because I definitely didn’t use it for anything. So that’s really weird…

Oh and here is the link for both recipes –

Even though he wasn’t fond of the chicken nuggets… I loved them! Looks like I wont be starving for the next month, cause I’ll be living off of these babies. I’m pretty sure that’s what parenting means though. Like I might as well never order a meal when we go out because I will be consuming all my child’s leftovers. Yeah, Im pretty sure thats how it goes.



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