Hi!  I’m Sophia, a military wife and new mom, with a passion for cooking.  Currently we live in Florida, but that changes from time to time.  I’m originally from California and my husband is from North Carolina.  We met in California while he was stationed out there.  I was his waitress at a local restaurant; a college student trying to get through school.  We hit it off, so naturally we got married and immediately moved to Newport, Rhode Island, cause that’s what everyone does right?  We lived there for a little over a year, got pregnant, had our baby boy Mark Cooper (hence the blog name;) and moved to Florida the week after he was born…ahh the transient life of the military.  Life has been crazy and nomadic since the day I met my man, but boring is something it has never been.  My love for cooking really developed after we got married.  Moving around so much made it hard for me to get a steady job, so I turned towards the stove as a hobby.  Now, I relish my nights of pulling out my cookbooks and tackling the recipes I choose for the week.  My husband is able to keep an eye on our 4 month old and I’m able to get my free therapy session by creating something delicious (at least he and I think so:).  I’m excited to share with you the recipes I prepare, my life as a new mom, and my wandering life as navy spouse.



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