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Turkey and Beef Baby Meatballs

Well, the title of this post sounds absolutely repulsive. However, these meatballs, both flavors, are freaking amazing. Seriously. I like these meatballs better than any other meatball I have every made, or tasted for that matter.

Kids Turkey Meatballs

The basis of both these recipes was the same. You can use whatever ground meat you want – turkey, beef, chicken etc. Then mix in some wheat germ, baby cereal, and whatever pureed baby food you want! For the turkey meatballs the baby food I added was “Sweet Potato & Turkey with Whole Grains”. For the beef meatballs I added “Sweet Potato, Apple, Carrots & Cinnamon”. Here is the link


See… actual baby food right there. I know, why would a full grown human eat these then?  It doesn’t matter.  My point is you need to throw baby food into all your recipes now.

Kids Beef Meatballs

Yes, these meatballs are delish, and quite simple to make. However, I still bought a bag of “steam in a bag carrot pieces” at the store, and those are my new go to right now. Steaming carrots is one of the easiest things to do,  but there is something about convince, right? What I’m saying is, you should make these meatballs, and go by prepackaged frozen veggies. We can’t be perfect all the time. (I never even get close). That would be so exhausting. Don’t think about it.



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