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Ginger Chicken and Broccoli

One of my close friends, Vanessa, recommended this great cookbook to me called “Against All Grain; Meals Made Simple” by Danielle Walker. It’s mainly Whole30/Paleo/Gluten free stuff. Which are all the things that consume my life lately.

Anyways the book is great and if you’re looking for inspiration you can get it here

Ever since Mark started Whole30 the main thing I miss is ordering Chinese delivery. We would order Chinese food at least twice a month. A few times (after he started Whole30) I’ve told Mark “Let’s just order some dang Chinese for dinner”. But he won’t cave. Two times I’ve just ordered it for myself and looked like that fatty sitting on the couch eating Chinese while he chews on carrots sticks.

This dish totally satisfied my Chinese craving, and the best part is I didn’t have to look like a loser sitting on the couch eating it alone.

Ginger Chicken and Broccoli

Oh and in other news, my youngest sister is here visiting us and we made gingerbread houses and Christmas cookies all day long. I love this season!! Of course no one in my house eats any of that, which means I’ll probably be sending her home to California with an extra bag full of sweets. Or just throw them to the squirrels in my backyard.


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