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Egg Roll in a Bowl

So there is a long back story to this dish. Today is Cooper’s 2nd birthday.

We started out his birthday strong. Mark made the birthday boy bacon and eggs for breakfast. After breakfast, Coop opened his three presents from us. This is a tradition my parents started with me and my siblings growing up. Three presents for the birthday kid and then a single present for all the other siblings. Apparently, when I was like 5 years old, I was so sad that none of my other siblings got gifts on my birthday so my mom basically threw them a coloring book and then the tradition stuck.

We haven’t started that tradition yet, cause I’m not trying to go broke over here.

So then we met my parents, and sisters, for brunch. I thought it was great. The owner of the place even sang “Happy Birthday” in opera to Cooper. (Cooper was unimpressed). Once we left though Mark told me he was quite over family visiting. His family AND my family. Basically just any human visiting.  However, this was a valid statement because my parents were visiting for 6 weeks. Which I absolutely LOVE. But in any “in-law” situation, you’d probably wanna kill yourself. So he did REAL well considering.

We got home from brunch and both babies went down for naps. And so did Mark.

I never nap, because nap time is when things get done! So I made this.

Egg Roll In A Bowl

Guys. This is the third time I have made this dish and it is exquisite. You’re welcome family for sacrificing my sleep.



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