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Salmon Leek Soup

My family is officially here!!! They drove from California to Florida to be here for the birth of our second kid and then they are staying SIX weeks to help out! I’m beyond stoked. Mark may have a different opinion…

Cooking is the only thing that has distracted me from being uncomfortable and wanting this baby just out already. Am I the only only who thinks babies are suppose to come 3 weeks early and then your utterly depressed those last 3 weeks?

I cried on my due date with Cooper. I thought he’d be stuck in my belly forever. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again.

Anyways I wanted to cook, but I didnt wanna tackle a big recipe. This was the perfect solution.

Salmon Leek Soup.jpg

*UPDATE : I gave birth the next day!!! Camryn Faith Beale. I also told Mark right after she was born (while we were still in the hospital), to go home and freeze the soup so it wouldn’t go bad. Because I needed to get in on those leftovers once I was released from the little mini prison!


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