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Cauliflower Rice Mushroom Bowls with Almond Pesto

I’m trying to convince Mark that we should eat more vegetarian options for dinner. It’s not particularly going over so well.

I found this delicious (vegetarian) recipe, told him about it, and then he asked me if I could add some chicken to it. Alright dude, calm down, you crazy carnivore.

This may be one of my new favorite dinner dishes. It’s so light and healthy tasting and basically I just love anything that comes in bowl form. Salads, Chipotle bowls, a bowl of popcorn – you get the picture.

Cauliflower Rice and Mushroom Bowls

Almond Pesto

The pesto was awesome sauce too. (See what I did there hehe). It was made of almonds and cilantro, instead of pine nuts and basil. A cool change of pace.

Mark loved it so much he probably ate like 7 pounds of cauliflower rice. Which made him super gassy because cauliflower does that. He will probably hate me for saying that, but too bad. Thats’ how much we both loved this dish – he was willing to deal with stomach pain, and I was willing to live through the smell. That’s a real marriage right there man.


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