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The Perfect Fall Meal

I was just complaining to Mark that I am so over making Whole30 food. He won’t give up on it!!! I feel like I just cook all the same food – roasted potatoes (his favorite), a type of protein, and then either roasted or sautéed veggies. Every. Damn. Day.

And he can’t really snack like he normally would, so I feel like I’m cooking ALL the time.

Anyways, then I found this recipe for Pork Roast with, you guessed it, veggies.

Pork Roast with Apples, Sweet Potatoes and Onion

Side note – fall is officially here, but I live in Florida. Fall is not a thing here. At least not to me. I made this dish though and the smells of fall entered my house. It was miraculous.

This dish was amazing too. One of the easiest Whole30 recipes I have made, and perfect for this new season of the year.

And now I’m googling “Whole30 cookbooks” because I have regained excitement for this strict little diet.




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