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Sweet Potato Toast – Whole30

This is officially day 6 of doing Whole30. I should clarify this though, Mark is doing Whole30, not me. I’m pregnant and like pretzels too much.

But, I am cooking all his meals, so I do participate, then. Because I’m pregnant and I don’t want to spend extra time cooking other things.

Lots of things change when you’re pregnant. Like your sciatic nerve hurts like crazy.

This recipe was just what I was looking for on day 6, for a Saturday lunch. I just wanted to slap together something easy like a sandwich for Mark but that breaks about 75 Whole30 rules.

The reason I don’t usually like cooking sweet potatoes is because they take too long. You either have to bake them for forever, boil them for forever, etc etc. This recipe told me to slice a raw sweet potato into thick slices, and grill it on the stove with olive oil, salt and pepper. It took about 10 minutes total.

I topped it with fresh avocado slices; then I sprinkled it with red pepper flakes, sesame seeds, green onions, lime juice, salt and pepper.

Sweet Potato Toast

This was seriously so delicious, so easy and so clean! I don’t even miss real toast. Not even a smidgen.



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