Man Meals

5 Ingredient Chicken Parmesean

Mark is apparently on a low carb diet…. Ha.

He keeps telling me to make Ketogenic food. What the hell is ketogenic?

I’ve been trying to cook super low carb, and then he comes home from work yesterday and told me he ate breakfast on the ship (hash browns) and lunch (quesadillas). He’s ruining his own diet and can’t even blame me!

Chicken Parmesan

I saw this 5 ingredient chicken parm recipe on an epoisdoe of The Kitchen the other day and really wanted to make it, because it seemed so easy. Then I realized it wasn’t Keto. Then I realized Mark eats carbs all the time now….

5 Ingredient Chicken Parmesan

I served this over a bed of linguine. ALL. THE. CARBS.

And some fresh basil. Just to give him some plants.



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