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Cobb Pasta Salad

Our really good friends had a going away BBQ today because they are leaving to move to Japan on Thursday. Damn military.

I asked the wife if I could bring anything and she said a side dish would be awesome. I googled some stuff, and came across this recipe. Cobb Pasta Salad? I didn’t know such an amazing thing existed. I had no choice but to make it.

I almost forgot my wallet on the way out the door which normally wouldn’t be a big deal since Mark was gonna drive. But the main reason for the party was to get rid of all their booze. I’m pregnant, so of course I would be driving our butts home. Duh, Sophia.

Cobb Pasta Salad.jpg

The pasta salad was so easy – all ingredients were already in the fridge. Score.

As we were leaving the party, they gave us a surfboard, golf clubs, a toy lawn mower, tricycle, a bunch of canned goods, unopened formula, and a bottle of scotch. All for free. That was probably the best BBQ I’ve ever been to my entire life.


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