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Lemon-Herb Chicken with Apple, Celery and Snap Pea Slaw

This is how my weekly meal planning goes…

  1. Sunday – Write down all the recipes I will make for that week, and all the ingredients needed.
  2. Tuesday – Go to the grocery store. (I would go Monday but the stupid commissary is closed Monday. Who made that dumb decision?)
  3. The rest of the week is carefully planned out so I don’t waste ingredients.

However, sometimes it doesn’t go this smoothly. For example, this week, Mark wanted to order take out twice. Which, okay, is fine. Well, secretly, it’s great because it means someone cooks for me. But then my weekly meal plan gets all screwed up, and the produce goes bad, and all my money is wasted, and then I cry. Minus the crying part.

So today I decided to cook lunch to utilize these ingredients. This was really the perfect light spring lunch anyways. I never cook lunch. Lunch either consists of leftovers or sandwiches. There’s no way in hell I’m gonna cook dinner and an elaborate lunch in one day, I’d never leave the freaking kitchen!

Lemon-Herb Chicken with Apple, Celery, and Snap Pea Slaw

It was really beautiful outside today, and Mark was doing yard work, so I decided we’d eat outside while Cooper was taking a nice little nap.

I had to snap a picture real quick before Mark started eating (he hates this), and then he complained about ants in his food. There were no ants. And honestly he likes to eat so much, if there were ants, he probably would have loved them.



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