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Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken, Creamed Corn and Mashed Potatoes

I don’t really have a cool story to this post other than Mark and I napped with Cooper for over 2 hours today which I don’t think I have ever done in my life. IT WAS AMAZING. We are gonna do it every weekend now.

Oh, and while I was mid-cooking, Cooper walked into the kitchen, from the garage, with his feet covered in lawn mover gasoline, so I had to abandon everying and bathe him, mid cooking process. Cooking has become like an obstacle course in this sense – I never know when I’m going to get interrupted so it’s all about being prepared for the worse possible moment to happen. Like tonight.

So I’m not even kidding you, I think tonight may have been Mark and my’s favorite meal. I’m a chickenholic and this is my new favorite way to eat it. And Mark is southern so mashed potatoes and creamed corn is basically what he started eating right after breast milk. Gross yes, but most likely true.


All 3 recipes came from the show The Kitchen. I am absolutely obsessed with this show. I record all the episodes and when it comes on I tell Cooper “our favorite show is on Bubba!!!”, like he cares at all, but whatever, I’m teaching him the important things in life.



This mashed potato serving was HUGE. I really need to start cutting my recipes in half, or maybe fourths. But Mark is going underway tomorrow for a week. (If you are like me and had no idea what that meant, it means they go out to sea). So I’m boxing up a ton for him so he won’t have to buy meals on the ship. Also, how gay is that? Why do they have to buy meals? It’s not like they have the option to cook for themselves or run to McDonalds. Luckily he will come back with 20 pounds of free mashed potatoes in his stomach. Yay.


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