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5 Freezer Meals and 4 Hours Later

For some reason I went CRAZY the other day and decided to tackle 5 recipes in one day. By 8pm I was like “what in the freaking hell was I thinking?”.

What I was originally thinking is “oh Mark will be home by 4 that will give me pleantly of time to make 5 meals”. Was I on drugs? I’m not sure. (Dude I wasn’t, don’t call CPS).

As I was making all these meals, Mark thought they were ALL for dinner. See what I’m working with here? No I didn’t make you 5 meals, who are you?!


The first recipe I made was Chickpeas and Kale in a Spicy Pomodoro Sauce. This was my favorite recipe by far.


The second recipe was Chicken and Butternut Gnocchi. This is the meal I fed my boys. They loved it. Maybe my child more than my husband.


The third recipe was Nutty Fried Rice Okay, so Mark did have a bite of this dish (even though he was only suppose to eat ONE of the dishes). But a bite lead into 5 bites, and I had to cut him off because he already ate all the gnocchi and now he was gorging on the rice. Again, see?


The fourth recipe was Hearty Tortellini Soup. This recipe made enough soup to feed approximately 800 Hun warriors.


The fifth recipe was Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore. I started this recipe before bed. There’s nothing like waking up to a slow cooker in the morning. I tried it for breakfast (I love dinner for for breakfast, don’t judge) and it was delicious. However after freezing this meal. I’m not sure it will holdup quite as well.


The bottom line, if I can teach you anything, is don’t ever try and cook 5 meals in a span of 4 hours. Because by the time you are half way in, you are fully committed and there’s no turning back, and you basically just wanna put your head on the cutting board and chop it off with a knife. That was the longest sentence ever, which was basically how this night of cooking went. If you want freezer meals come find me. I’m not gonna share though because they took too damn long to make.


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