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Date Night? No…Date Weekend.

The other day I told Mark that we needed to start going on more dates. You know, get away from our child, spend a few hours together talking, eating and drinking, without a kid hanging on your leg? He liked this idea, but about 5 minutes after I suggested it, he decided to do something else. He assessed (well we assessed) how much a babysitter, uber and dinner and drinks would cost and we figured we should probably sell our house now, and cash, in cause we would be broke by the end of the night.

Mark said he was planning something different and I’d have to trust him. I am not good at this. I have zero patience and I hate surprises. I’m not sure if he even knows me.


He came home from work on Friday, walked into the house with flowers, delicious take out salads, and 4 bottles of red wine to have our own wine tasting night at home. This is what I envision my perfect date night being, wine tasting and salads. Maybe he does know me…


He told me to stay inside with the baby while he worked on a surprise outside. I’m not gonna lie, I peaked my head out a few times. He bought twinkly lights from Home Depot and hung them up all around our outdoor fire pit. He moved our outdoor couch near the fire pit too so the setting was perfect. Basically what I imagine heaven being like.


He came back in, bathed the baby (possibly the best part of the night), and we started date night. Our child woke up about an hour into the date, but honestly it was perfect. He sat quietly by the fire with us and snuggled. You can’t get all this on a date night out!

Mark ended up passing out and snoring by the fire by 8pm, so I went inside and watched a chick flick. Which sounds pathetic for date night, but let me tell you, this is how date night should go. You get your quality, couple, time in and then you both wind up in your happy spots hehe. Don’t worry I didn’t leave him out there. Although, I did think about it, just so I could have our whole king bed to myself. I think I actually should have just done that.


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