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Product Review: Blue Apron

I did it. I became a Blue Apron user. Okay, not really, I just got a coupon in the mail for a bajillion percent off so I had to try it. Otherwise, I’d be freaking stupid.

I’ve been wanting to try this out for a while because everyone does it. Yes EVERYONE. And no, I’m not known to over exaggerate at all…


A box gets shipped to your front door with all the ingredients. Yes ALL the ingredients.


Like those at these cute little baby bottles and portion sizes! I don’t even want to throw them away.



The whole “box to my front door thing” is super awesome because grocery shopping with a toddler is like playing Russian Roulette. Half the time he loves it and half the time he is clinging to me and/or I’m flinging products from every aisle on him to distract him. 3 days ago I flung a box of spaghetti on him (while we was in the main basket portion of the shopping cart, not the part designated for babies) and he opened the whole bloody thing.

The best part was the card they provided for each individual recipe. It detailed, step by step, how to prepare each recipe. Down to when to chop each ingredient. One of my biggest issues with cooking is that I have to pre-read the recipe to see what I have to prep/chop before I even start cooking. This handy card does that for you.

You also get to choose which recipes you want out of a selection of 6, which is cool. There are 3 vegetarian options and 3 different meat options. The normal price for 3 meals a week for 2 people is $59.94. The deal I got was half off though for first time users, so definitely take them up on that if the offer is still valid!


So when this box came, it was like Christmas. I thought the awesomeness stopped there. Wrong. These meals (3 in total for the week) were fan-freaking-tastic. I think I’m a decent cook, but these meals surpassed all my ability. (Now you’ll never want to eat anything I cook again).


The only beef I have with this Blue Apron thing is that there are no leftovers. And leftovers is how I survive the week with my husband and his work lunches. (I love not making sandwiches anymore, and instead just shoving a tupperware in his hands in the morning). And also, the third Blue Apron meal night, Mark ate his serving, and half of mine. Then, as I was making Cooper a cheese quesadilla, Mark asked for his own quesadilla. AFTER HE FINISHED ALMOST TWO MEALS. So no. That was just terrible. A quesadilla is like 5 cents and these meals are like 10 bucks a person. So he better not want a freaking quesadilla after his gourmet meal.



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