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King Ranch Chicken

Today was Mark’s first day back at work after a 2 week leave period. Is it a joke that they come back from deployment, and then have to go back to work? Like here’s your husband back, but wait now we are taking him back again. Ummm no.

So this is the reason I love to cook…

Mark came home from work today at 3pm. I was dealing with a happy, yet somehow, screeching baby most of the day, and then in walks my husband. I immediately flung our child at him. I started cooking and that took about 45 minutes to prep. Then I had to bake it in the oven for about 30 minutes. So I looked at Mark and said “Babe I’m sooo busy, can you give the baby a bath?” He was ready and willing so into the bathroom they went. So I just stood there, in front of the oven, drinking a glass of wine, yes, just standing there. When they were done I had to “check” the oven again, so Mark put the baby to bed. This was possibly the greatest moment of my entire day.

This recipe comes from a cookbook my mother in law got me. If anyone ever wants to get me a present get me a cookbook. I could read these things for days.




It’s made up of tortillas, chicken and sour cream so you really can’t go wrong. I’ve been making about 10x the amount of food portions for dinners lately so Mark can eat them for lunch during the week and I can freeze the rest. This is possibly the second greatest idea I had all day. Saving myself from having to cook later in the week.


Although if cooking happened like it did today, I don’t think I’d ever leave the kitchen. Although Mark would probably start to catch on soon enough and then I’d loose my baby savior. So in actuality, this is a terrible plan.


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