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Color Block

The best part of military life it that you meet the most amazing people. It forces you to make friends in a flash, and they are usually the most welcoming people. Just this last week alone I’ve meet 4 different moms and their children at the park and beach. Sure, they aren’t all life long friendships, but at least I get 10 min to vent about my life and my husbands job, to someone who understands.

The last time Mark was stationed here in Jax he met this awesome guy named J. He isn’t in the military, but having civilian friends is just as important, believe me. Now, like 6 years later, both Mark and J are married, each with a kiddo. J, his wife Marley, and their son Jojo (how cute is that name?!) came over for dinner last night and dude, these people are awesome. Mark and I wish we were them. Seriously. After they left, we sat on the couch and decided we want to be them, like we NEED to be them. Besides being crazy good surfers, they hike, camp and are basically nomads who wander the world promoting their company Color Block. They started their company in Hawaii, and it’s an all natural sunscreen for adults and kids. You could eat it if you wanted to – it smells that good. Mark used it yesertday when he went out in the waves and said it worked like a gem. Plus it just looks super cool!


I kept telling them that they need to go on Shark Tank because their life story alone is addicting, and their product is legit.

Anyways, we grilled up asparagus and chicken (they like healthy food too, so basically I love them) and then I made a salad which has been my new go-to for the last couple of weeks. It’s an amped up version of a caprese salad.


I cut up these beautiful baby tomatoes which look like a rainbow exploded on them (totally obsessed with these beauties). Then I added little chunks of mozzarella, fresh cut basil, and marinated the mixture with salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar.


That’s right, no oil, trust me, you won’t even miss it. I usually let that sit for a few hours, but if you don’t have the time, don’t worry about it. Then, I add green onion, avocado, thin slices of red onion, and spinach and toss it all together. Seriously yum.


The best part about tonight was Mark didn’t overcook the chicken – woo! I’ve been trying to teach him this since we met 4 years ago – the chicken keeps cooking after you take it off the grill but someone (cough cough my husband) didn’t get this. Maybe I was speaking German? I don’t know. But he cooked it perfectly this time so maybe I need to print him out a certificate of achievement award or something.



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