Chick Meals

Summer Succotash

If you’re anything like me, then you want to live at stores like Whole Foods, Earth Fare, The Fresh Market etc. The problem is though – who the hell can afford those places?! I mean who can afford to eat at them. To live there would be like 10 bajillion dollars.

For example, The Fresh Market has this amazing Succotash. The problem? It costs like 8 bucks for a tiny appetizer portion. See my issue?

Side note – Growing up in California I thought the word Succotash was an enduring pet name. Like “Aw you’re such a cute little succotash”. Had no idea it was a food.

Once I moved to the east coast, I realized succotash was a food. I mean obviously. (But seriously I still had no idea what was going on with the  word succotash).

Now it’s my go to side dish. Veggies and all form of beans? Why haven’t I been eating this my entire life?

I got this recipe from Cooking Light


I made a batch of this this morning and it was super simple. Like canned ingredients simple. I just popped it in my fridge so I could snack on it for the next few days. Yum.

Make some succotash and be Southern with me. As in just eat succotash…not gain 200 pounds. I don’t wanna be that Southern.




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