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Lasagna for the Neighbors

First of all, we have the BEST neighbors ever. Second of all, this lasagna will change your life.

Growing up I was homeschooled. I remember on Monday’s my mom, 3 siblings and I would make 8-10 lasagnas for all our neighbors.

All 4 of us would be involved, layering the noodles, cheese and meat. The best part was at the end we would each get a lasagna noodle which was spread with butter and rolled up like a burrito. So good. There is something about a buttered noodle. Well, that sounds dirty.

So, our neighbors are AWESOME. Seriously, we could not have gotten luckier. Each time we are outta town, they bring our packages in, take our garbage out and even FIX OUR SPRINKLER SYSTEM! Like what? Yeah, they are that great.

I had to do something for them, so I figured homemade lasagna and wine would be it. At least thats what I’d like. I mean, how can you go wrong with that?

I googled some recipes and landed on The Pioneer Woman recipe. She’s genius. This recipe uses cottage cheese instead of ricotta. I was kinda scared at first but 1. I love cottage cheese and 2. It’s healthier. So, I mean, why not?.

Lasagna for the Neighbors

Not even kidding – this is the best lasagna recipe I have ever had. No joke. I think its the cottage cheese. Or the sausage. It’s probably the sausage.

My mom told me to make 4-5 of these to hand out to other friends and neighbors which is a fabulous idea. Although that means I’d need to buy like 3 more casserole dishes. Which means my good deed went to being “nice” to costing me 70 dollars more. So ya, that didn’t happen.


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