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Crab Stuffed Mini Bell Peppers

We have gone out to dinner the last three nights in a row which has been a total treat. But at the same time I grocery shop every week and buy a TON of ingredients to make dinner, and when I don’t cook them, they spoil. Whaaat? It’s shocking news, I know.

So for dinner tonight I had to make as many things possible before they became inedible.

I got all three of these recipes from Cooking Light. Crab Stuffed Mini Bell Peppers – Sautéed Squash – Baby Carrots with Herb Dressing and Olives –

The dressing on these carrots was delish! Although I should have double the batch because, if I’m gonna eat carrots, they have to be smothered in some sorta sauce. I’m talking smothered.

Baby Carrots with Herb Dressing

The Squash took a total of 10 minutes to make and the toasted almonds gave it the perfect crunch.

Squash with Thyme and Almonds

This crab stuffing was awesome because it was a healthy. Not caked with mayo or pure gooey fatness oozing out of it. It was basically just crab, celery, some herbs and whipped cream cheese to make it creamy.

Crab Stuffed Bell Pepper

I doubled the crab stuffing so we can throw it in our scramble eggs in the morning. Scrambled eggs are like my garbage disposal. I just throw all my leftovers from the night before into the eggs and bam. Start doing this. It’ll change your life.


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