Man Meals

A Crazy Steak Dinner

This dinner was CRAZY. First of all, it was simply delicious. Second of all, it wasn’t simple at all – it took me freaking like 3 hours just to cook. But you know what…it was worth it. Sometimes dishes need that extra time, and this was one of those. And I would totally make it again.

Here’s what made it so tedious.. I made my own butter and cesar dressing. Okay, so I didn’t actually churn my own butter, hello, I’m not a pilgrim. The salad dressing was pretty easy except I had to use anchovies. Anchovies are standard in caesar dressing, and this is exactly why I swore I would never make it because those little things freak me out! The dressing was amazing but I’m still not sure if I ever want to handle anchovies again. Gag.

Romaine Lettuce

Wait. Let just stop and admire how beautiful these colors look! There’s no need to paint  pretty pictures anymore, just chop up some romaine and stare at it.

The whole dinner consisted of Porterhouse Steak with Maitre d’ Butter, Stuffed White Mushroom Caps and Grilled Romaine Salad with Blue Cheese. About a month ago I watched an episode of this whole meal on the Food Network and I was hooked. Sounds mega fancy, I know. You can know see why it took so long to make.

Porterhouse with Butter

I think I should have saved this meal for either a birthday, or a wedding, or a graduation or something.

Oh well.

The Steak was perfect. I cooked it on the stove, which was only seasoned with salt and pepper. The butter is what made it delectable. I had never made a flavored butter before but it was so easy! You start with some melted butter, add any extra ingredients in it, and then add the rest of the normal softened butter back in and wrap the whole thing up in plastic wrap and fridge it up.

Crazy Steak Dinner

Anyways, I could go on and on about this meal but it would literally be as long as a college dissertation. Just click the link above and make all three of these recipes. Because you have to make all three. You just have to do it. Just make sure you don’t plan anything else to do the rest of the day. Because you won’t accomplish it.



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