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Charcuterie Board Sunday

My favorite way to eat a meal is with a Charcuterie Board. I’d much rather munch on lots of little things, than eat one, big, heavy meal. I’m not a lumberjack. Plus it has all the best things in life – meat, cheese and crackers. Clearly I’m not a vegetarian, vegan or gluten free. Both my sisters are vegan and gluten free and I just don’t understand. Like what do they even eat?! Dirt? Dirt covered vegetables? I’m so confused.

We celebrated Father’s Day early this weekend because Mark won’t be here for the actual day (dumb Navy), so I wanted it to be extra special. And by extra special I mean we didn’t get out of our pjs all day and had a movie marathon. Which, sounds lazy and lame, but don’t underestimate a good lazy day. They can be just as miraculous as a productive day.

To make the day special I pre-bought a bunch of fancy (aka expensive) cheeses, and meats, to make a charcuterie lunch board. Honestly, this Mark’s favorite way to eat too. I swear, even if I make a 5 course dinner, he would still pull out a box of crackers and a wedge of cheese to eat afterwards.

I arranged the cheeses (Brie, Edam, Blue and Manchego), the meat (salami and prosciutto), 3 different types of crackers, hummus, and grapes onto some platters. And of course some mimosas. A brunch is not complete until you throw some mimosas into the mix.

Charcuterie Board 2

Perfect lazy munching movie day.

For dinner I made a Flank Steak Panzanella Salad. I love a Panzanella Salad. Panzanella basically just means you add cubes of bread to the salad. Here’s the link The bread soaks up all the liquid (like the juicy tomatoes) and makes it really tasty.

Panzenella Salad

The highlight of the day was still the charcuterie board though. I think I’m gonna dream about that tonight. And then continue to eat my body weight in cheese tomorrow.



One thought on “Charcuterie Board Sunday

  1. Your food looks lovely! What an awesome lazy day!!
    Also you inspired me to use my cheese board! I have the same exact one and I haven’t broke it out yet!


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