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Salmon with Avocado Salsa

We’ve been in California visiting my family for the past week for Mother’s Day, hence the blogging hiatus. Whoever thought it was a good idea to live thousands of miles away from your parents and siblings is stupid. Grandparents make the PERFECT babysitters. If I could, I would fly my mom out to Florida to visit me and help with Cooper every single week. Mom, come live with me now! (Mark will probably hate me for inviting his mother in law to move in to our house). Oh well. It’s happening.

I made this recipe almost 2 weeks ago but I keep dreaming about it. If I had the ingredients in my house right now- I’d make it. That’s how yum it is.

I’m all about a good, simple, salmon recipe. There is so much goodness in salmon that bogging it down by a bunch of added ingredients is a sin sometimes. (I will probably regret that statement but whatever).

Salmon and Avo Salsa 2

This was another one of those buzzed recipes

The recipe was as easy as grilling up the salmon on the stove, and tossing together the avocado salsa mixture.

The crunch of the red onion adds an awesome texture to the smoothness of the avocado and the salmon. I sound like I’m on the Food Network now.

Anyways, make this baby if you like salmon, and avocado. Or even if you don’t, just make it. The Food Network people would agree. And so would my mom.



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