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Seafood Grill and Crispy Potatoes

Mark and I are a tad obsessed with making the perfect breakfast potatoes. You know the ones you get in that awesome “hole in a wall” diner? Somehow those dudes always seem to get it right. Their potatoes are nice and golden brown and crispy with the perfect seasoning. Then you come home and try and replicate the starchy goodness and you just end up with a heaping pile of mediocre, soggy potatoes. Yuck.

Not worth it.

Don’t fret though because I found a way to solve all your potatoes problems! I was watching the show “The Kitchen” (btw this is like my favorite show), on the Food Network, a few days back and they were covering exactly this topic – how to make your breakfast potatoes crispy and not a hot mess. The key is, season AFTER the potatoes are done cooking. So basically just cut up your potatoes, throw oil in a skillet and then cook the potatoes until they are nice and brown. THEN add your salt and pepper and whatever other seasonings you want to them.

Crispy Breakfast Potatoes

They were the best ones we have ever made. Hands down.

In addition to these potatoes (which we probably should have just eaten sololy for dinner –  see…obsessed) we grilled up some local shrimp, mahi, and veggies. Mark was in charge of grilling up the seafood – which he seasoned with Old Bay, naturally. He also known for making the best asparagus on the grill, which he seasons with salt, pepper and lime juice, all which is wrapped in foil. I made some summer squash on the stove. All I used was olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powered and it was probably the best squash I’ve made.

Grilled Shrimp and Veggies

Anyways, if you take anything away from this whole post just make the damn potatoes. Aggressive, I know, but it had to be said.


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