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Chorizo and Kale Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Have you ever been in the check out at target with an “on the verge of a breaking down baby” in front of you? Yeah, that was me today. Before that, I went to get my eyebrows done – with the baby in tow – and he started being fussy so eventually I had him bouncing on my stomach, on the table, mid eyebrow session. Yep.

For dinner tonight I decided to make Stuffed Sweet Potatoes. Sweet potatoes are one of those super foods. It doesn’t matter which way you cook them up. Plus these were stuffed with Kale and Chorizo (half ground pork and half ground turkey). Complete package right there.

I got this recipe from Cooking Light May 2016 edition.

I omitted the Arugula side salad for Snap Peas. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Arugula, but Snap Peas were calling my name. I got this recipe from Cooking Light May 2016 edition.

Chorizo and Kale Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

See what I mean? It’s pretty much a thing of beauty. It almost looks like a burrito. And who doesn’t like a burrito. (If you don’t like burritos we can’t be friends).


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