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I Have a (Slight) Obsession with Cooking Light

Every recipe I have blogged thus far has come from a Cooking Light magazine. So obviously I’m obsessed, right? It started when my wonderful mother in law gifted me with a subscription for Christmas. And she renews it every year. I know, she’s the best.

Here’s why I love it…

  1. I get a new magazine, sent to my door, every month. That means MINIMAL work searching the internet for recipes.
  2. I save money, instead of buying copious amounts of cookbooks. (Which is hard to resist. Trust me.)
  3. They publish new recipes monthly, which means they use ingredients that are in season.
  4. They are quick and healthy. Love and more love.

How could I not take advantage of all that goodness?!

On the menu tonight was Spaghetti with Pistachio-Mint Pesto and Spinach. I got this from (of course) my Cooking Light March 2016 edition. (I promise they won’t always be Cooking Light).

Mark said this was the best pasta dish he has had to date. A pretty bold statement. But he doesn’t lie. So I’m going with it.

I started by blending the herbs, lemon, parmesan, garlic and pistachios up. Confession – I didn’t have fresh mint. Because the commissary doesn’t carry fresh mint. Doesn’t the government know I need fresh mint?! I had to figure something out, so I dug through my pantry and found Peppermint Tea. I sliced open a  bag and used a pinch of that in substitution for fresh mint. It worked.

I cooked the pasta in vegetable stock (actually I used chicken stock shhh) and added the blended pesto and a few handfuls of spinach. I topped each serving with pistachios, crushed red pepper and mozzarella cheese. The recipe called for burrata (a much creamier form of mozzarella) but again, the commissary doesn’t believe in such fancy things.

Spaghetti with Mint and Pesto





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