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Mason Jar Mojitos and Taco Salad

I know I know, it’s suppose to be Margaritas and Taco Salad. But today I went to the grocery store and saw fresh mint (totally coulda used that yesterday), and immediately thought of mojitos. That is the moment I knew mojitos were going to be in my future.

I found this recipe online at And you gotta sip these babies outside. I live in Florida now and that is how you drink cocktails. At least that is how I have imagined Florida people sip cocktails.

Mason Jar Mojito

Now, for this easy peasy Taco Salad. It is by far our favorite salad in the Beale household. The greatest part…I invented it all on my own. I start with cooking white rice in my rice cooker. If you don’t have a rice cooker, go buy one. Now. Right now. Meanwhile, I brown up some ground beef with a bunch of spices (think red pepper flakes, S&P of course, chili powder, cayenne pepper and garlic powder). I chop up romaine lettuce (the amount all depends upon how many you will be serving). I put the romaine in a large bowl and top it with a jar of black olives, a jar of fire roasted tomatoes, and a jar of black beans (I told you it was easy). Then, I take a frozen handful of corn and char it up in a skillet.

Roasted Corn

I sprinkle the corn over the romaine. Then, I slice up green and red onions and add them to the salad. Once the rice and beef are done, add them to the salad as well. Finally, throw some mexican blend cheese and fresh avocado to the salad, and squit with fresh lime.

Taco Salad

Mark adds Ranch dressing to his bowl, but I just like smashing the avocado up and using that as my dressing. My view on the salad is “it’s healthy” Mark’s view is “I like the beef, cheese, rice…basically it doesn’t taste anything like a salad”. So it’s a marriage win win.


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