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Shepherd’s Pie (Whole30)

I had no idea what a Shepherd’s Pie was until a few yeas ago. It was after I met my husband, we were at a local British pub, and I saw it on the menu. A little back story real quick – this wasn’t a date night. This was one of those nights where you go out with a group of friends for “just a couple drinks”. And then you somehow end up at the 5th establishment of the night, starving, and looking for something to slop up all the alcohol you just consumed. Usually that place is Denny’s. 2am at Denny’s with a platter of nachos. Ahhh, those were the days.

Anyways, I had heard of Shepherd’s Pie before but had NO idea what was in it. Mark explained it to me, along with what a Chicken Potpie was. Because I was definitely not raised on those 2 things.

I thought they were medieval time foods with weird animal parts in them, or something.

Turns out they are both delicious. And neither is made up of weird, poisoning, ingredients. Phew.

What I’m discovering on this Whole30 adventure, is that you can basically eat dishes that you would eat if you weren’t doing Whole30. If that makes any sense. It’s really not that difficult to find the dishes you like, and then alter them to make them Whole30. Sure it takes a little extra planning and processing, but that kinda goes without saying if you are doing something as drastic as Whole30.

Whole 30 Shepherd's Pie

I actually thought this recipe was quicker than other Shepherd’s Pie recipes I have made in the past. So that is pretty cool.

On another note I feel SO pregnant. Like a pregnant sloth. I’m only 29 weeks along and I feel like I have zero energy. I don’t remember feeling this way with my first! Maybe it’s because I’m running after a toddler now? Regardless, next time I do this pregnancy thing, I’m petitioning for 20 week pregnancies…because this 40 week thing is crap. Or maybe even a 60 day pregnancy like a dog. They carry like 10 puppies so, come on, it’s totally possible. Yes, I’m comparing humans to dogs now. That’s how tired I am.




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