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Breakfast Sausage Pizza Egg Muffins

Today is the 7th day Mark has been on “convalescent leave” since his surgery, and it has been AWESOME. Being a military wife basically means being a single mom most of the time. Between the 7 month deployments, your husband working 12+ hours a day and then them having 24 hour duty some weekends, it gets taxiing. You do get in the groove, though, and just do it. But it’s probably because you’re so sleep deprived and don’t know anything better.

Mark is feeling better now, and has been so helpful and hands on with our kid. Like can it be like this all the time please? Today he wanted to do a spontaneous morning beach run as a family. I was sleepy and being lame and said I didn’t want to go. #moodywomen. But we went and it was fantastic! We ran, jumped in the water, and played in the sand. I need more mornings like that.

Beach Day!

He has to go into work for a bit tomorrow to check on some things, so I thought I’d prep some breakfast for him to take. I guess I didn’t really need to do this, but I’ve missed meal prepping since he hasn’t had to go into work. #neversatisfied.

These things smelled AMAZING as I was pulling them outta the oven. Like probably one of the best things I’ve ever smelt.

Sausage Pizza Egg Muffins

But, then again, I have been surrounded by 2, constantly sweaty, farting males for the last 7 days…

Moving on.

Mark sampled one of these muffins when they came out of the oven, and now he is obsessed. Although, at this stage in the game, anything that is not a raw nut or dried fruit is probably the best thing he’s ever tasted.





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