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Sausage, Hard Boiled Egg, and Avocado Breakfast “Salad”

This is the second time I have made this dish in the last 13 days (13 days is how long Mark has been doing this Whole30 thing for). It was actually the first Whole30 recipe I found and made. Well, besides just roasting some veggies and grilling up some meat on my own, and trying to convince Mark this was gonna be “super exciting!”.

I think I made it on day 2 and he has been talking about it EVERYDAY since then. I knew I had to make it again, just so he would stop yammering on about it, my goodness. (Yammering…that’s a weird word. I don’t like it).

Okay, in all honesty though, it really is that good. I have to give him that.

It consists of pork sausage rolled into little meatballs, chopped hard boiled eggs, sliced baby tomatoes and red onions, chunks of avocado, and some cilantro, lemon juice and salt and pepper.

The egg, avocado, and lemon juice make a creamy dressing. Yummo.

Whole30 Breakfast Salad

The first time I made it (which was the night before, for Mark’s breakfast the next morning), I left out the chunks avocado, and just sent him to work with a entire avocado on the side. That way he could add it when he was ready to eat it. Because no one likes brown, mushy avocado. Yucko.

There is no lettuce in this “breakfast salad”, which is decieving. But whatever, it’s so yummy, I don’t even care.

Side note – Mark had surgery for a deviated septum on Tuesday. Trying to keep a toddler away from his father, when that father is home recovering from surgery, is a joke. Mark normally works crazy hours. Like leaves the house at 4:45am and doesn’t get home till 5:30pm, so Cooper doesn’t seem him much during the week. Cooper thought this week was Christmas. I thought this week was a little like I imagine hell would be. I was an on-call nurse to an invalid husband, the primary caretaker to our son who I had to shield from my husband (who is on convalescent leave for 10 day. TEN DAYS), and I’m 7 months pregnant. When can I drink again?


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