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Tomato Ricotta Pizza and Eggplant Steaks with Tapenade

I’m not even gonna pretend that my husband will eat like a normal person at meal times anymore. Every time he eats more than I think he will, and every time it shocks me. It needs to stop shocking me.

I made 2 pizzas, and Mark and Cooper practically finished off a whole one by themselves. Good thing I was prepared and made a second. Leftovers and lunch tomorrow baby.

This pizza was super good, and super easy and light which I loved! I’ve never done a ricotta pizza but I’ll definitely be making more.

Tomato-Ricotta Pizza

The real winner of this dinner though was the Eggplant Steaks! Omg so so good. I’m gonna make them for my vegan sisters when I go to California next time. I had a bite of pizza, but then consumed the rest of my dinner calories on these eggplant steaks.

Eggplant Steaks with Tapenade

Mark loved the eggplant too. A little too much though, maybe, because they made him fart all night. TMI. But I’m just warning you. I’d take the fart smell any day though if it got me more eggplant.



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