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Grilled Asparagus Bruschetta and Roasted Beets with Mushroom Bordelaise

Beets are so good but scare me to death. To make. I don’t understand how they make it from the outdoors onto my plate.

I figured it out tonight, though. You wrap the little suckers in foil and bake them until the get so baked, their skin starts to fall off. You gotta bake them for a while, like an hour, and then you gotta wait for them to cool, because you don’t wanna die of hand burns.

Roasted Beets with Mushroom Bordelaise

Also, watch it, because these doodads are so bleedy they will stain EVERYTHING. Your hands, clothes, babies. Hide your babies.

Beets scare Mark too. To eat. He tried them, though, (I make him try everything, like he’s my second child) and liked them! (But in full disclosure, he actually likes to try everything). He didn’t want seconds, or lunch leftovers, though which was awesome because it meant I actually got seconds of something. Score.

Grilled Asparagus Bruschetta

This bruschetta was so good and so so simple. I cooked it inside since I still don’t know how to grill outside. That makes me so lame. The bruschetta spread was made of goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and red pepper flakes. It was so good I wanted to lick the bowl. I restrained.

These slices I made of bruschetta were not small. Maybe as big as my palm, and about an inch and a half thick. Mark ate the 5 pieces that wouldn’t fit on the serving plate before we even officially started dinner. I was like wow dude, that’s not even taking a sample, that’s like a whole meal you just consumed. I thought he’d just want some beets and call it a night. Nope. He ate 6 more pieces. This guy! And he looks amazing and still either maintains or looses weight! How?!

Grilled Asparagus Bruschetta and Roasted Beets with Mushrrom Bordelaise

Anyhow, the meal was a win. I actually got beet leftovers, and Mark should have enough leftovers in his stomach to remain happy until at least breakfast tomorrow.


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