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Grilled Onion, Mushroom, and Bacon Mac and Cheese

Tonight Mark was at a soccer game. He joined a soccer league through work. It happened like this…

He came home on Tuesday night and said “Hey I joined a soccer league and we will have 2 evening games a week. You and Cooper can come watch me, and cheer me on!”. This is what I said in response “It must be nice to be you and be able to play on a soccer team 2 nights a week during dinner and bath time.” It sounds like a bitchy response but I was trying to be funny. Or was I?…

Ok, there were so many undertones of truth, Mark would have been stupid not to pick up on them. I mean let’s reverse the roles for a second. That would never happen to me! There’s no way I could tell Mark one random night, “Oh by the way I joined a basket weaving group that’ll meet 2 nights a week, good luck dealing with our child!”.

The best part was he told me on Tuesday. The first game was on Wednesday. The NEXT DAY. Seriously good thing I didn’t sign up for basket weaving classes man.

(Basket weaving sounds probably like the most terrible thing ever, so I would never do this. If I had to basket weave it would be more like a punishment then a reward I’m assuming).

So Mark was gone and I was in charge of dinner, bath and bedtime. I think we just regressed back into the 1950’s…

Grilled Onion, Mushroom, and Bacon Mac and Cheese Prep

But all that doesn’t matter because of this dish. I think if I could choose a food to NOT give me love handles, it would be this baby right here. Mac and Cheese in general is delicious, but then you add 2 of my favorite things in the world, mushrooms and grilled onions, and my head just exploded.

Grilled Onion, Mushroom and Bacon Mac and Cheese

I basically rewarded Mark for playing up soccer with this dinner. (In all honesty, I’m actually really glad he’s playing, because everyone needs a healthy outlet and he’s getting in shape, so I shouldn’t complain). Although, after this dish, we are all fat. Next time there is a soccer game, Cooper and I should go watch and run up and down the sidelines to burn off the excess fat we just gained.



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