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The BEST Salad Dressing Ever

If you know anything about me, you’d know I’m dealthy scared of salad dressing. I mean what is that thick, white, creamy mixture. Seriously though, what are the ingredients? Well, I looked, and the first ingredient is cellulite. Yes, cellulite.

This is why I never use the stuff. Because I’d rather not have patches of this on my thighs.

Usually when I have a salad, I put avocado and goat cheese on it and smash those ingredients together and it makes a creamy (cellulite-less) dressing of its own.

I found this salad recipe in one of my Cooking Light magazines. The second I saw that the dressing was made from yogurt and used NO oil, I was like uhhhh I need to make this NOW.

Arugula, Egg, and Charred Asparagus Salad

Like I said, usually I don’t use dressing (and Mark has just gotten used to this fact) so when I served him this salad he was in LOVE. Now, that might just be because I deprive him of dressing on a daily basis, or it means it was actually that good. Obviously I’m gonna go with the second option.

I grilled up some chicken breasts to add to the salad for an extra kick of protein, and it was the perfect complete meal.

Make this salad dressing, Your dimple-less thighs will thank me.






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