Real Life

Deployments = Single Mommyhood

Wardroom Deployment

So. It finally happened. The day I have been dreading – Mark deploying. Mainly just because who was going to bust through the front door and save me every night at 5pm from baby duty?! Okay, that’s obviously not the only reason, but it was a BIG reason.

Drooling Coop Deployment

(That droll though…)

Since he is gone now, I’m most likely not going to be cooking a ton of meals anymore. I’ll probably only cook cereal.

The only way I could ever successfully cook before was because Mark would come home and relieve me of my mommy duties so I could spend 2-3 hours in the kitchen. Because it does take 2-3 hours once you prep, cook and clean. Maybe we as society should just stop cooking. Holy cow that’s a lot of time!

Being a (single) mom is crazy. It’s totally doable but I feel like I need 64 ounces of coffee just to get through the day. Once 3 pm hits I’m like “whaaatt you want more food and attention child?” I mean I was gonna nap but okay….

I sound like a real top notch mom right now but I’m just calling it how it is. I love being a stay at home mom and spending as much time as I can with the little babe. But at the same time it really wipes ya out.

And if I’m lucky enough to get maybe 2 hours a day (nap time), without someone hanging on me, I’m just saying that the dishes might be left in the sink; because I would like to just sit on the couch and simply stare into space for a 20 solid minutes. And then maybe shower.

Ship Deployment


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