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Ranch Chicken Casserole and a Babysitter

Big news today…we found a babysitter! Finding a babysitter is like choosing a spouse. Am I right, or am I right? Like how do you even go about finding one? And then trusting them on top of that? Like “here is my baby don’t kill it” They are literally in charge of keeping your child ALIVE. Which is freaky.

Not even a year ago I was a babysitter. I know, let’s not talk about it. As a babysitter I was like “score I’m getting paid to play with Barbie dolls and eat PB and J’s”. But now I have to pick a babysitter? I don’t even think I would have picked myself to babysit my child.

Tonight I made a Ranch Chicken Casserole which I came across on Facebook. It’s from This is definitely a man recipe, but it’s super easy so I’m not complaining.


It’s a mixture of biscuits, ranch dressing, chicken, cheese, bacon – those are the staples. You’re heart is palpitating, I can hear it.

Ranch Chicken Casserole 2

It was yummy and quick. Exactly the kinda meal I needed to make when I preoccupied with other things. Like finding a surrogate mother for my child.


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