Chick Meals

Chicken with Ginger-Coconut Quinoa

Today was one of those dedicated “baby days”. Basically I did nothing with my life besides stay at home, play on the floor, and sing repetitive songs all day. Which I didn’t mind because I got to hang out in comfy clothes and not do my hair. Although, days like today make me more tired and in dire need of a nap somehow. How can a baby make you more tired than facing life out in the real human adult world?

Anyway, cooking dinner was the most eventful (non baby) part of my day.

I got this recipe from my Cooking Light April 2016 edition. Chicken and Quinoa. With Coconut. Ummm, perfection?

Chicken and Ginger Coconut Quinoa

This recipe is seriously one of my favorites to date. And Mark loved it. Which means it’s a definite repeat. It had a spicy kick too, which I wasn’t anticipating. But the spicer the better in my book.

Now, hopefully, I can get all of the mechanical toy songs out of my head for the rest of the night. That would be nice.


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