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When You Have Over Ripe Bananas…Again

I don’t know how this happens – you think I would learn – but every time I go to the grocery store, I buy a bunch of bananas with the hopeful intention that Mark and I will eat them all. But at the end of the week, I turn towards our fruit stand and realize that not ONE of them has been touched.


So what ends up happening? Well, we eat a lot of banana bread over here, that’s what happens. It’s completely fine though because who doesn’t like banana bread? Banana bread is way better than just a plain old banana anyways. I think this is why I buy the bananas in the first place. I aim to do something healthy with them, but then…I don’t. A fruit turned into a dessert basically.

Each and every time I cook/bake, I like to try a new recipe; a new way to prepare the dish. So, this afternoon, I whipped out my computer and googled “banana bread”. This is the recipe I stumbled upon (I’m a sucker for anything Food Network).

Banana bread is one of the easiest things to make in my mind. Even when they tell you to use 2 different bowls – one for “dry” ingredients, and one for “wet” ingredients…I never do that. Shhh don’t tell anyone. But who has time to do EXTRA dishes. Not me. So I just flung all the ingredients in one bowl, mixed it up, and threw some walnuts in because banana bread without nuts is not banana bread in my opinion.

The Food Network recipe said to throw some honey on the finish product, which I had never done before, and honestly it was pretty good!

IMG_2834 (2)

This wasn’t the only thing we had to eat for dinner, it was just the appetizer;). For the main meal, I made a one pan (who doesn’t love that) Chicken with Roasted Carrot and Potatoes skillet dinner. Really easy, took about 40 minutes total from start to finish, and had minimal prep work. All the things I love in a dinner. This recipe came from my Cooking Light magazine in the Jan/Feb 2016 edition.


The creamy sauce, made of milk, flour, stock and lemon rind really tied this dish together. Simple, basic and delicious.



4 thoughts on “When You Have Over Ripe Bananas…Again

  1. The overripe banana thing happends to me ALLLL the time!! I need to start making some bread like you!!
    Another trick I’ve been doing is just sticking the overripe peeled banana in the freezer (I have accumulated a 5lb bag at this point lol) and saving it for Banana ice cream!! Which is super quick and yummy! 🙂


      1. Look up Rachel rays video! She explains it best! And I use almond coconut milk instead of milk, it’s delish!


  2. I want to know if you secretly work for Cooking Light Magazine??? Lots of plugs for them! Best Christnas present I ever bought! Seriously every thing looks great!


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