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A Week of Firsts

Confession. This blog post has nothing to do with food. Even though the premise of this blog is about food, being a mom takes up 95 percent of my life.  And when your baby swims in the pool for the first time AND tries solid foods in the same week, you better expect this mom is  gonna write about it. Yes, I have become that kind of mom. And no, I will not be driving a mini van, ever, if that was your next question.

On Tuesday we took Mark Cooper to our friends pool. His toes have been dipped in the ocean a few times before but he’s never been in a pool, so naturally we had to change that. If he’s gonna be in this family he’s gotta love the water…rule number 1. At first he was a bit skeptical of this whole adventure (mainly because the water was pretty chilly) but soon he warmed up to it. In fact, he loved it. Mark swam all around with him while I tanned on the side lines. (I gotta soak up every chance I get 😉

IMG_2742 (1)


Today Coop had his 4 month check up. Even though the doc wasn’t super supportive of starting solid food, I made an executive decision that it was time! I’ve read about 1,000 articles so obviously I know more than the doctor. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. Plus, I have kept him alive this long so I decided to go with my gut. We got him all set up in his new highchair and busted out the food. While he did like it, he also had no idea what was happening. He ended up spiting most of it out, but for the first 2 minutes he nibbled at it like a champ.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 4.24.37 PM




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