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Mexican Night Completed by Key Lime Pie

Rarely do I want to mimic an ENTIRE meal from start to finish when I watch an episode of a cooking show. But this time, while watching Pioneer Women, I knew I had to. This woman is genius.

A) I love salads. Any salad. B) I love chicken. Any kinda chicken. C) I love a good side of home fry potatoes. D) My husband loves Key Lime Pie. It’s actually his favorite pie. (I had to include him in at least a small portion of this meal).

Key Lime Pie

Mark said this pie was THE BEST PIE HE’S EVER HAD. HE’S EVER HAD. It was probably the easiest pie I’ve ever made too. I have to make it everyday now.

Poblano and Pepper Jack Chicken

The chicken was probably the best chicken I have ever had too. THE BEST CHICKEN.

Mexican Salad

Warning – this salad dressing recipe makes about a gallon of dressing. Like a butt ton of dressing. I basically used a popcorn sized bowl to put it in. Mark was in heaven, and I starred into the bowl like I was looking at jiggly cellulite.

Mexican Dinner

People this meal was the best ever…if you hadn’t already picked up on that. MAKE IT ALL!!


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