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Israeli Food, Mid Deployment Visits, and Temporarily Living in CA?

There’s a lot going on in that title.

Holy crap where to start. So it’s been almost 3 months since my last post and I feel like I’m missing a toe or something. Mainly because I’m a mom and this has become a hobby and if you don’t have a hobby what do you do? Day drink? Well that’s probably not the best decision but I’m not condemning the occasional mimosa…

Good thing I’m writing again.

Recap of the last couple of months…here it goes – Husband was deployed. I moved back home. To my parents. Yes, that will always be home. Am I the only one who thinks that? I surely hope not. Then I got to to to Israel in September to visit my husband MID DEPLOYMENT. Can we just stop for a second to hear those words. Never thought I’d say that. Who gets to book a ticket 6 days before a trip? #thatshowmylifeworksnow


Then I went to Fallon, NV (don’t feel like you need to add this place to your bucket list), Arizona, Las Vegas and finally Hawaii!!


Fallon, NV


Kauai, Hawaii

I would have never been able to do any of that if it wasn’t for my nanny.  Hands down the best part of living at home is having a built in nanny. And no I don’t pay this nanny because it’s my mom. I feel like I can now relate more than ever to the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”. Oh and she even flew all the way over to Hawaii with little dude, BY HERSELF. I know, superwoman right?


Side note – It’s November and I still think about the food we ate in Israel. Yes I saw my husband and that was great blah blah blah – BUT THE FOOD. (Okay Mark really was the best part, but you catch my drift). We ordered breakfast in bed every morning and got a spread of hummus, tahini, cucumber/tomato salad, fresh fruit, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, chunks of fresh feta and olives, and pastries (which Mark decided to consume for the both of us). I think if we Americans ate like this we would not only feel healthier but we’d look like barbies (and kens). Can’t bash that.



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