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Crab Cakes and Tartar Sauce

Whoever thought babies and road trips went together is nuts. This weekend we drove up to Raleigh for Mark Cooper’s baptism (which was great!). The 7 hour drive though? Not so great. Seriously, is that a joke? 7 hours in the car with a baby. From now on I’m flying. We did let him drive home though, so that was nice.

Coop Driving

He’s a distracted driver.

So, I have never, ever, attempted to make crab cakes before. Mark went to school in Annapolis, Maryland. Maryland. The land of crab cakes. Which means I have been scared to death to make crab cakes in utter fear of our marriage ending. All due to some crappy crab cakes.

Except these were AWESOME. Mark likes crab cakes that are more “craby” than “bready”. (I don’t think those words actually exist, but I’m using them anyway). I got this recipe from the Cooking Light April 2016 edition

Crab Cakes

I layered them over some spinach to create more of a salad vibe. Although, I realized half way through that I didn’t have any dressing for these little guys. Mark told me tartar sauce was the way to go. (I know, sometimes he knows what he is talking about). Except…I didn’t have any tartar sauce.

And that’s why google was invented. I found this recipe on the Food Network site.

I don’t think I will ever buy tartar sauce again. I always thought it was this complex, mysterious thing, but it’s not. Which is absolutely a dangerous thing.


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